The focus app your mind needs

Concentration is a free and minimalistic Pomodoro app. It's been built with love and simplicity in mind, because all you need is a timer and some reminders.

Concentration screenshot: Start a pomodoro screen

Efficient time management

Concentration screenshot: Configuration screen to start a pomodoro session

You can customize your Pomodoro session in Concentration. Just say for how long you would like to work, for how long you want to rest and what your session reward should be.

Create multiple sessions

Concentration screenshot: Session management screen where you can create and launch session

Lunch, work, study, reading... You can use a pomodoro timer for many activities. Concentration can saves your session configuration, so you don’t have to remember the exact settings.

Customize your experience

Concentration screenshot: Theme selection screen in Concentration

Concentration comes in many shapes and colours. Choose your favorite theme to make your app look like you.